Look at my monkey images

if oyu want to! ( they have much drip)

max drippy monkey

ok, so this is the first monke y on the listt and we are starting out storgn,
just look at his faded look and the way he conifdently wlks slightly past the camera while
holding his sznbglass like we are already starting out very strong, this monkey is drippy

mafia monkem

so this is the next monke yand as you kan see he is not only drippijg, but also boss of the mafia gang
i mean look at him, the glasses and the chain but most improptantly the pelt
jacket with the cheeta scheme it really convinces you hes about to do some gang shit,
overlal 8/10 monkey


ok so this is galingv and if you dotn agfree that he is dripping, idont know whats wrong
with you to beh honest . the blue hoodie and pants make hoim stick out
perfectly from the surroundings and his posture, hes so little yet
hges making such a good job at shwing off


this one is special, i named this lad bbnomanke after big artist bbno$ because his glasses remindend me a
lot of him. this monkey is not taking shits. look at hus posture, which says so muchyet so little.
this monkey would definetetly bee agood buddy to smoke weed with and
i like his shirt 9/10

monkey hgetting faded

ah good old haricut monkey, not a lot to say here, he obviously getting faded af
thus his swag is about to be a t a maximum, what a legen

monkey that takes picrture of himself

this monkey goes beyong wat was once thought to be within monke-ycapabilities. he really did manage
to take a picture of himself while smiling freakischly at an object in the distant left outside of the images bounds,
though very i8mpressive for a monkey, even at 9/10 intelligence his drip is
2/10 resulting in a middle of 4/10

old monkey

i tried to open the website tguis image is from but it redireected me to scam online casino, so im sad
i cant provide background info iopn the monkey in puicrture. anyways, this monkey nevcer ceases to give me grandpa
vibes and i cant pinpoint the reasdon. imn confused

classic monkey

thgis monkey is something else. look at him, not only is he insane drippy for todays standard as well, during
his time he was king of the gentlemen, what a pleasant sight. hes definetely from the rather clultured side, he even looks
like a small man if you look closely. i estimate him to be a great philophosist and&/or gentlemen and
he has akll the ladys

he approaches you, what do you do?

surely an intreresting monkey image, but im wondering how it came to existance?
where did monkey get lipstick? what das beponika even mean?= does the galsses have glass or not? so
many questions, yet the y will probaby neve be answered

big buzcket helemt monkey

ok, this one has a massive advantage over all prior monkey: his helmet protects him against head punches,
the others dont. defense 10/10 impoossible to overcome. that makes me wonder, how did the monkey
get ahold of such a powerful item. i dont want to get political here but i think it might have
been a gift from the gods

school boy monkey

welcome schoolboy monkey. you like school girl outfits?= this monkey turns 180 on you and
presents his schoolboy cosplay.he's prepared and ready for his first day at school! now tajke a sercond
to think about this imagine you are in school and you dsee this monke walking the halls. that wiould be crazy!

downhill monkey

not every nmonkey can have the high life we all are persuing. this monkey obviously went through a lot,
his wife left himshe took the kids , and the car and his dog got kidnapped nd his mother dies
and his father probably is in vietnam and wont come back all hes left with is
cigarettes anbd his love for rock music, igotta say tho this fit has its very own certain menacing aura to it, also you
gotta apprecuiatethe rockstar jeans jacket on his torso

street boy monkey

making street music with the homies, what a pleasant sihgt. i did notice his glasses and the
clean hairstyle as well. the all black fit and the gold chain round his neck and his flute are the obvious highluights
of his drip. noting thgat hbe holds something with his right arm, drip + 5

fat jacket monkey

stuffed tio the brim. pumped. puffed up. small monkey and converted to big monkey.
monkey could really use a warm dish right now. is he cold? probably not he definetely wreras for the driup.
he looks so round so rollable. no thoughts only fat jacket monkey

fabulos monkkey

now what a beatuy. which significant sight, i cant trust my eyes. well i have been
awakae for over 24hoours mnow but nonetheless my judgement is not to be underestimated. this monkey doesnt only
perfect the art of makeup, but also proves his big brain in terms of his outfit, his pink and blue tee and his
so many pearls. solid 8/10

nude mionkey

ooooo i dont like this one one bit o nono. ok so this one is the nude monke,y of course he does like
babnanas but he is also naked all t he mtime and show us his penis, we didnt ask?!! just put on an pant
bro its not that hard. 2/10 for chad nude isjfndg monkey

i hope you enjoyed my list of gang memvers! make sure to check back regualary as the site gets exapnded with monkey all the time,